As a small independent  business in Dayton, Always Ballroom believes in supporting our community.

We we donate cash funds, services and exhibitions.

To Date in 2017: $9495.00

This is a list of the organizations that we have supported this year:

AIDS Resource Center of Ohio

American Cancer Society

Artemis Center of Dayton

Aullwood Audubon Center

Autism Society

Carroll High School

Crayons to Classroom

Dayton Horse Show

Dayton Mom Prom (JDF)

Diabetes Dayton

Epilepsy Foundation

Fisher Nightingale House

FLOC (For Love of Children)

Goodwill Easter Seals

Greenmount Elementary School

Habitat for Humanity

Hospice of Dayton

Miami Valley Housing Opportunities


Noble Circle Project

Oakwood Young at Art

Orchard Park Elementary

Secret Smiles of Dayton

Special Wish Foundation

Stingely Elementary School

Susan G. Komen 5K Run

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Swing -n-Sway

Think TV Network

Victory Party

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